This patent application is an improvement on the invention found in U.S. Patent Numbers: US 6,043,761 to Burrell, IV, U.S. 6,184,803 to Burrell, IV and US 6,232,892 to Burrell, IV. The alphabetic code shown in figures 2A through 2C of the prior art, was invented in August of 1972. In November of 1972, the inventor went on a school field trip to Princeton. Mr. Burrell sat and talked with ex-New Jersey governor Thomas Kean’s grandmother, Mary Alice Kean, the entire way to Princeton. Mrs. Kean invited the young Mr. Burrell to join her for her meeting with the developers of today’s Internet. One of the Internet developers explained the project they were working on. Mr. Burrell briefly explained the invention he was working on, which allowed for the entry of alphanumeric data through the standard twelve key telephone keypad. One of the developers said that they were looking at the Flanagan invention and a means of assigning alphanumeric data strings to addresses, instead of the numbers and decimal points which were being used. They were contemplating on the use of the hyphen instead of the space, only because you can see it and it was already being used in telephone numbers. Mr. Burrell argued for the use of the space, because the space occurs the most often in normal communication and language, but then agreed to the hyphen because you can see it. Mr. Burrell then modified the invention he was working on to use the hyphen / dash / minus sign, which can be found in this patent application.


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